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all pretty & petite
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1st-Jan-2031 12:00 am(no subject)
little miss sunshine
friends only :o)
minus the mixes. ;D

comment to be added, pls & ty ♥
2nd-Jan-2010 01:42 am - 49 glee icons :)
little miss sunshine
tried to make this post full of more santana, brittany, & mike, but obvvvv puck's sexy faces are in here, too. plus finn's jizz-in-my-pants face & kurt being fabulous. ;)

don't have the time, don't have the uterus.Collapse )
27th-Dec-2009 01:24 am(no subject)
isabella (the killers)
medium: books/movies
: twilight
: edward/bella/jacob
: three
: 11 tracks, some slightly odd ;) describing his love for her & her love for both of them, you guys know the deal by now...but i couldn't help myself. :x features arcade fire, kings of leon, vitamin string quartet, and our queen lady gaga.
22nd-Dec-2009 11:33 pm - 42 glee icons :o)
mean girl
(includes spoilers from "sectionals" !)


there's nothing ironic about show choir.Collapse )
katy perry

01-05, new moon
06-09, twilight cast
10-32, taylor lautner on snl

oh hayCollapse )
little miss sunshine
medium: books/movies
fandom: twilight
subject: jacob & bella
title: happy songs for our sunken ship
notes: okay, some of these selections were picked just for laughs & not to be taken seriously. & some songs also pair particularly unhappy lyrics with a cool beat, just to keep things interesting. a lot of mixes for this pairing (while awesome) tend to use kind of slow, dragging, not so happy songs, so i just wanted to shake things up a little. & also, now you’ll totally get a sense of how eclectic my itunes really is. enjoy! ;)

taylor swift AND timbaland?!Collapse )
22nd-Nov-2009 09:47 pm - hey it's twilight, obviously. ;)
little miss sunshine
medium: books/movies
fandom: twilight
subject: jacob & bella
title: unintentional
notes: something kind of just thrown together; a mix of songs that have reminded me of jake & bella for pretty much ever hahaha, so i figured no better time to share than now ;) individual tracks, including the killers, owl city, kings of leon and a fine frenzy, duh. :)

20th-Oct-2009 04:47 pm - obsessed? kinda...
little miss sunshine
yeah i'm only slightly obsessed with glee. & as a result of my disliking for like ancient american lit classes, here is thisss mix. ;D
this one is for terri, because is quite frankly a psychopath. but most glee fans still love to hate. <3

medium: television
fandom: glee
subject: terri schuester
title: crazy bitch.
notes: songs that reminded me of terri (& her relationship with will)
hope you like!

7th-Oct-2009 11:24 am - posting for fanmix ;D
little miss sunshine
because glee has officially taken over the world, so...

Subject: Glee - Will & Emma - Yearbook Romance
Picture Keyword: glee
Medium: TV
Fandom: Glee
Subject: Will & Emma
Title: Yearbook Romance

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